Thursday, August 25, 2011

Truth in Advertising

Them in Reality

Melloy owes me a buck.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I’ll Never Be Repatriated!

Handsome Furs
Triple Rock Social Club
July 27, 2011

I maybe wasn’t totally gung ho on this show. Host of excuses (I’d already seen ‘em, like, but don’t love the new album, it was a late show, fleet foxes ruint me on shows, it was freakin’ hot out, I hate my job and want to quit) but good company kept me honest. and I’m damn glad i went.

What a great show!!!

What sounded a little light, quaint and distant on the album sure came alive during the show. The synths were pulsing and thunderous; the guitars loud and furious. It was passionate and hungry music. And it was awesome in falsetto long form.

The crowd gave ample love and the band ate it up and returned again as much. Dan wandered the crowd and kept the energy flowing with taut guitar lines (and the occasional synth-assist) and just enough banter to keep it personal. Alexei was super cute on the keyboards (that sounds really sexist, but she was) and just a little bit out of control (i loved when she rushed Dan in between songs. She discombobulated him a little.)

They played most of Sound Kapital in their a little over an hour set (maybe only missing “cheap music”). Highlights for me: “serve the people” (introduced by dan as F*ck the Police), “what about us” “repatriated” and they played “agony” as an encore closer (a b-side from the itunes edition of hte album). A couple favs from Face Control got played too (a somewhat disconnected version of “All We Want, Baby Is Everything” and a churning “Radio Kaliningrad”)

Plus we had super cool chairs on the main floor a couple feet from the stage, so we could sit all through the show and still have a great view.