Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’ll Give You My Love, But It Won’t Be True

Funny how a disappointing show can totally destroy my appreciation for a band’s recorded work. I was bored at best by this show, despite all the energy the band put into their performance. In fact, i’d pretty much forget the songs as soon as they played them. ICC and I were both thinking they’d missed songs we wanted to hear, but they did indeed play our favorites (and enough that weren’t---I hated the encore with a place to bury strangers level of intensity) As we were leaving the show, the band was playing. that’s kinda what was wrong with the delta spirit show. They aim high with their cross functional americana, but they really have nothing but a swirl of styles and definitely don’t take it anywhere it hasn’t been before (hell...the rainmakers at least put the grip on that old timey redemption religion thingie) Delta Spirit give us nothing more than an above average bar band. Not sure Ode to Sunshine and History From Below are gonna have the same thrill after seeing Delta Spirit live.

Giving It Up

so, despite my best intentions, i bought a new release at lunch today (Stars The Five Ghosts---and i like it, maybe two dates and some fooling around like it). Also finally picked up the Robyn Body Talk EP (grrr....2 more releases to make the whole album?....tiresome...really really tiresome and the ep isn't all that good)

what mostly struck me is that the Bloc Party singer (Kele Okereke) had an album out (The Boxer) and i had no desire/curiousity/interest in picking it up. and it was super cheap! I LOVED Silent Alarm and loved "Tulips" even more. Kind of a bummer to think how limited a band they were and how quickly they became irrelevant. I didn't hate A Weekend in the City, but it was probably all over by then. (Intimacy was utterly unnecessary) Just one of many early promise/early flameouts (futureheads, fratellis, franz ferdinand, hard fi) ah well....one hit wonders for the 20's to remember.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Though My Life Would Get Easier

hmmmm. this is a contendah for sure. probably just as well my car (for some inexplicable reason) doesn't play some discs or i'd have OD'ed on this already (fat chance).

don't worry. i have enough to share.

Monday, June 14, 2010

They've Shown This on Both Screens

First avenue, June 11, 2010

Much fear going into this one. Tour Bus breakdown around Winnipeg. Strib guy says no Destroyer nor Neko Case (i baited the show hook with the Shawner on the basis of Neko being there), although PPress guy says yes to Neko and Bejar (i remain somewhat curious about his source) so no one has a definitive answer to the full band question. No Dodos (sigh) Big crowds downtown for the Twins/Braves series. Evening fraught with disaster potential. Anxious Anxiety Abounds.

But yahoo!!!! All was good. Bus arrived on time! Neko AND Destroyer (jeez, strib guy, how about a LITTLE effort?) ARE in the building. And Twins win (with eye candy galore). alas, no Dodo’s but that was just a dream (and Golden Mask was ok-ish)

And the show? OOOH, i really enjoyed it. But really, I suppose the NPs are critic proof. They definitely know how to put on a show. They have the songs and enough star power to put the shine back on the outside of first ave..(I’d see each of the leads solo-and have, although i’d never see the NPs before, so i’d be curious to hear what a regular NPs concert goer thinks). I’d expect an exceedingly polished and professional show, which is of course, what we got.

So, satisfaction comes down to two things: did they play your favorite song (and how deep did they go)? and were they having fun (cos if the band has fun, i almost always have fun).

so let’s just say a pretty good yes to the first one (they played Spanish Techno—albeit too early in the show, but no Bones) but we also got healthy portions from Twin Cinema (Ya, that Bleeding Heart Show ROCKED) and Challengers in addition to some fun cuts from Mass Romantic and Electric Version. And the Together songs played a lot better live for me than they have on the record. I’m usually fine with one encore (sometimes prefer none) but friday night i was really wishing they’d come back and play a second one. Didn’t even have particular songs i wanted to hear (other than maybe Bones), just wanted them to play more.

And as for the second, that would be a big yes to my eyes and ears. Lots of entertaining cross chatter between the band members, especially Neko and Carl (with Kathryn acting as hallway momitor, keeping things moving and the repartee in check. (A.C. Newman does kinda seem like a charlatan....and not in the UK way) I don’t get the diva act with destroyer going on and off the stage (shake a tambourine, dude) but i still dug his songs (jackie especially). And of course, it is deliriously fun to watch all the band members play their respective instruments with a blissful grin on their faces.

kinda like the grin i had on my face as we walked out of the club.

This Ain't No TV


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hush Hush

Oooh, nice flip this morning. Kaja's Crazy Peoples Right to Speak. Three sales of Des Moines purchases, E, Lady Gaga and this Kaja. $50 profit. more than gas money at least. plus i've still got the Married to the Mob vinyl in the hopper.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Curse for this Town

Why won't Broken Bells play here? Honestly, i won't stalk. I promise.

James Mercer (Shins) covers Squeeze. Clips and bits covered here.

also, difford and tilbrook are writing songs for a new squeeze album. maybe we should be considering the show at the zoo.

Sincerely, Your Second Best Music Consumer

I read somewhere that last week’s recorded music sales were the lowest in years. Recorded music is on the way out (no doubt all the cds will all end up in des moines), paradigms are shifting, business models are floundering, the music industry is dying (“but what about sex and drugs and rock n roll?”) boo-hoo-hoo you.

so what was i doing buying a pile of cds last tuesday? (and a book-THE PASSAGE- if we are talking dying media) in fact, i buy more cds (new and used, and the occasional vinyl) now than i have at any other time in my music buying history (which is considerable). some of that buying is economic (i certainly have much more disposable income these days) some of it is the juniper stuff (and with used, i tend to buy stuff i believe in, rather than a bunch of stuff i’d never listen to, regardless of flipping potential), but mostly, i think it’s because there is just so much music out there right now (now being the last 4-5 years) that i find interesting.

so this week’s purchases?
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today-like listening to the 70’s underwater-in a good way (how could there be a bad way). also, check out my promo guy impersonation: “listen to Before Today before Tomorrow”
Teenage Fanclub Shadows -think i like Man Made more, but this is fine
Glee Road to Regionals-i’d say i buy it for the Shawner, but i’ll admit to listening, besides its critique proof
Eclipse Soundtrack-meh. nothing jumping out at me on first listen.
Toyko Police Club Champ (impulse buy but i really like it)
Rooney-Eureka-haven’t gotten to this one yet
Blitzen Trapper-Destroyer of the Void how could i forget this one? takes a while to get going (not a fan of the long drawn out opening song-just give me your best 3 minutes please) but it quickly finds the well worn BT shaggy 70's folky rock groove. i was weaned on CS&N, and the songs are strong, so it's fine for me.

i also ordered the Villagers and Here We Go Magic from Amazon. listened to the Villagers online and liked it (catchy singer songwriter stuff). I was all ready to say Go Away Magic after their opening set for Grizzly Bear at the Cedar, but the single is good, so i’ll give it a shot.
and the ICC picked up Hot Hot Heat and Ratatat cds so looking forward to hearing those as well.

You are welcome, record industry. happy to keep you in coke and hookers for another week.

But what i really want to talk about is my annoyance with new releases coming out on tuesday. ya ya, i know, new releases go up on tuesday cos that’s the day where typically you have the least foot traffic. so new releases are supposed to put feet in the store. and it works i’m sure. gad knows i try to fit in a trip over lunch or after work.

but as you might know, a bunch of us actually have to work during the week. so it’s mighty inconvenient (especially cos i still have too many “lunch” meetings and its been raining for 30 days straight) and i don’t really have as much time to listen to stuff on a tuesday as i would say on a friday or saturday (and there’s nothing worse than a present under the tree that you can’t open). Plus, i don’t like being forced to dance to anybody else’s tune (unless it’s got a great beat and more hooks than Hellraiser).

so music industry and commercial outlets, let’s just say i’m evaluating this one for future considerations. i just might move your tuesday to my saturday and we’ll let the chips fall where they may. maybe some tuesday buyer gets my saturday money when i pick it up used on amazon. i’m willing to trade a few days for a shot at price plunges on used stuff. not saying you need to do anything, just saying i might, and i’ll take my new cd purchases with me.

The Stars Are Out Tonight

The stars on the walls at first avenue have been painted over. Noticed this sunday night after the Stynx game. Apparently, it's just temporary and they will return, newly painted, albeit in a somewhat lesser number. (man, this economic downturn is hitting EVERYTHING) Not sure how i feel about this. I'm all for revitalization, but how can they think of losing Menudo. Are we music fans or are we revisionist Republicans? But if i was voting, Midnight Oil better have a star up there when it's over, and She & Him better not get one. I'm hoping the paint won't be lead based this time around. Already fear for my cancer life everytime i'm in line waiting for doors (dudes, please...how about opening doors when you say you're gonna open doors!)what with all the chronic smokers.

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away

postscript to the Des Moines trip. Kaja was mail ordered and has arrived (kinda forgettable except for a very compulsively listenable b side called "hurricane".

The Flock of Seagulls import was The Story of a Young Heart. Bonus tracks, but about $8 on amazon for new.

My Next Girl

black keys, first avenue. june 8

awesome show. dunno what else to say. why i hadn’t seen them before, i can’t say. dan and patrick rocked the heck out of the place. i’m not sure they needed the bass and keyboard players for their extended stint mid show (think they played harder and tighter when it was just the two of them). but whatever, minor quibble. Lots of favorites, but damn do those Brothers songs sound great. also, i’ve found my true concert going family, but damned if it’s not the one time i don’t wear a baseball cap to a show. anyways, see em if ya got the chance, make the chance if ya don’t. and eternal thanks to someone for making it happen.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Surfer Blood Astro Coast ("Swim" is a fantastic song)
Fol Chen Part II: The New December (Ok, Rhiannon, you've convinced me)
The Antlers Hospice (Can't wait for the nationals show)
Sleigh Bells Treat (ya, i know, i hated them live, but there are two songs on the record i REALLY like and about 4 more i like, which more than makes up for the clipping)

these might be on repeat all day (with even more mumford & sons thrown in)