Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craigslist vs Mumford and Sons

a few of my favorites (and is it just me or do they all sound like backpack kids who got everything they ever wanted from both sets of parents?):

one more courtesy of michelle (poster sounds a little angry cos he's not going):

They are good but not that good. Get your heads out of your asses. Don't support these scum scalpers, they are not true music fans.

clearly, this person deserves to go for free because he works with autistic kids.

I'm looking to buy a pair of Mumford and Sons tickets to EITHER the MINNEAPOLIS show or the MILWAUKEE show!!! I see a lot of folks still trying to sell their tix for top dollar and trust me if I had that kind of money to throw around I would pay it to see this show. Unfortunately I get paid crumbs to work with Autistic kids and like everyone else on here I can't justify skipping a few bill payments this month just to see a concert :( Let me know what you got and how much you're looking for!

ah, the student budget excuse. and willing to negotiate. hmmmm.

I am a diehard fan that missed out on purchasing tickets by a minute when they were initially released online!

Please, please help me out! I'm working with a student budget, and am willing to negotiate! Going to this concert would mean the world to me!

haha. i don't think this poster is getting tickets, but at least they are taking the system down with them.

Anyone realizing they may not get the hundreds of dollars they are asking for their Mumford and Sons tickets? It's getting close to 10/29/10...contact me if your conscience kicks in or you realize that you're not going to make a fortune by ripping off dedicated Mumford fans, which ever comes first. I know at least one of those will happen by Friday.

also, after you sell me your tickets for low prices, i'm gonna turn around and flip them. just sayin'

I would really LOVE to have 2 tickets for the 10/29 show, but I can only pay $50/ticket. If you can't use your tickets I'd be happy to buy them from you.

i wonder if any of these posters have read ATLAS SHRUGGED (although it's kinda sad when $60 seems like a low ball offer).


Like Mumford and Sons a lot, but didn't get tickets to the First Ave. or Varsity shows. Unfortunately, I'm kind of a poor fan too, and can only really afford $60/ticket. Hopefully you have two to sell to me.

It would totally make my day!


ummmm. this is the mumford and sons ticket bucket, dude, not atmosphere. put down the pipe.

2 hard copy tickets available to see Ant & Slug flow at First Avenue on 11/27. I can meet you in Uptown. These are hard copy tickets NOT E-tickets. They are $65 each and you can have them in your hands within 30 minutes of contacting me!

Thanks & Cheers!

hmmm. i'd post an ad like this too just to tweak all the buyers & sellers. can we confirm this sell actually happened?

The 2 tickets went fast as expected for $30/ticket. Sorry I can't reply back to everyone that is wondering if the tickets are still available. If I had 50 more I'd sell them for cost. Hopefully someone else will sell there's for a respectful price. Good luck and hope everyone can find tickets. Cheers!

and here's the ad for the above response. scumbag. hmmm. seems there's an axe and grinding. even less convinced this sale happened.

I have 2 extra tickets for a TRUE fan to enjoy, not a scum bag trying to sell for over 10 times as much, come on people, get real. Selling for $30 a ticket. Hard copies.

wow. i hope this guy finds a buyer.

Will pay $500 for 4 tickets to the October 29th show at first ave.
Text Corey 612-532-8595

dude, she's gonna dump you after the show. save your money. (she may be super awesome, but as a guy, i can tell, you aren't) however, decent price offer.

Ok, so here is my predicament, which as a guy, I realize sounds quite cheese-tastic. I have been dating a girl for not that long and her birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something special for her. She and I are both HUGE Mumford and Sons fans and it would be awesome if I could find a couple tickets for us to go to the show at First Ave. She is super awesome and I think it would really win her over if I could pull this off somehow. I can't pay the $200 a piece the scalpers want, but could pay $125 total for 2 tickets (ie 125 %2 = $62.5 apiece). So if you have 2 extra tickets and would like to help a music nerd guy win over his music nerd dream girl, please drop me a line. I will pay cash and meet where ever to pick them up.

Thanks in advance.

Things That Make You Go

sold a couple cds yesterday. and as i don't expect to run across either of these two again, i don't mind sharing. (but if you see either of these, make damn sure you pick them up for yourself...thar's gold in them thar hills!)

Ladyhawke Soundtrack (i paid 4.95 for this) sold it for $55 (to japan!) (i don't care what melloy says, i like this movie..although in retrospect that alan parsons soundtrack is a bit much)
Al Stewart Year of the Cat-mobile fidelity sound lab version (paid 14.95 for it) and i sold it for $225. yes. you read that right.

probably about 210 buck profit between the two sales. kinda nice. a certain someone is almost impressed with my "hobby"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Rotation

The Drums s/t (the show was fantastico, more later)
Shout Out Louds Work (i really love this album)
Belle and Sebastian Write About Love
Frightened Rabbit Winter of Mixed Drinks (FR and Craig Finn? hmmm)
Temper Trap Conditions (i should go tonight, shouldn't i?)
Surfer Blood Astro Coast (see above)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suggestions, please?

so...i washed my mp3 player the other day. no, not on purpose. and yes, i know, kind of dumb of me. but i put it in my gym shorts and i washed my gym shorts. (two things that rarely happen...so what are the odds?)

i need a new mp3 player. i'm looking for suggestions, with a few criteria. it needs to be light, durable, fm radio and i'd probably not want a phone and mp3 player together. i'll even (gasp!) consider apple.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Longer Your Fag

let me summarize before i go off on a tear.

Concert Corollary Five: just give me your best 15 songs (and a 2 song encore, unless we really REALLY love you)

i’m glad i went
BSS is an indie rock icon (not to mention a canadian cottage industry what with feist, stars, metric, apostle of hustle, and jason collet at a minimum)
they have a ton of great songs and i really love Forgiveness Rock Record (and they pretty much played most of what i wanted to hear)
the version of “Meet Me in the Basement” was sheer bliss (gave me goosebumps)
the crowd was (to steal from the ICC) rapturous and they played the heck out of everything.
the apostle of hustle was a nice surprise (and easily the star of the show for me)

but still....

i hated this show and couldn’t wait for it to end.
i blame kevin drew. tighten up 2010. less talk-ey dude, more play-ey. and maybe wipe the smug off your cheek.
i blame poor pacing (talk about your ebbs and flows all you like, that’s still not an excuse for random song selection)
i blame the sea and cake interlude midway through the show (ya ya, i know people gotta smoke, but why do i have to pay for it)
sorta kinda blame lisa lobsinger had no presence. granted she aint leslie nor amy nor emily (ain’t her fault and all in all was lovely), but sheesh, she was practically invisible even when she was center stage. they could have really used something to offset the boys. plus, she was off stage for 2/3rds of the show (although how could you tell).
i was worried it would be just a random float off into the ether kind of jam concert so was very pleased with the first half that just tore through the setlist. but then it degraded into a subatomic state (massless, formless, comprised of mostly nothing but energy) as it stretch to the 2 hour mark (‘please let this be the last song, please let this be the last song’) probably a boon for the true fans (“this is my favorite song, excuse me while i leave the stage”) but nothing after “meet me in the basement” did anything for me.

ya ya. why the negs? chill dude. (soon enough, soon enough) whatever.

maybe i just wasn’t in the right space of mind (it was a monday night after all)

I Saw the Muse?

reading the review of last nights' target center Muse show (courtesy of the ppress). review mentioned them opening up for red hot chili peppers and foo fighters show almost a decade ago. damn. i was at that show with melloy and amy (i believe there was flashing involved, but can't remember if it was melloy or amy). i vaguely remember an opening act before the co-headliners, but have to say if it was muse, it was unremarkable. course, maybe this is why i was conditioned to like muse, rather than their ripping off other bands i like (queen, radiohead, starland vocal band). kinda funny.