Friday, March 26, 2010

Did It In A Minute

Dunno if this was wise or not, but i just pulled the trigger on an import. And it wasn't radiohead. And it doesn't come out for a month yet. and the band made me join their fan club. but i supposedly get a download of their new album immediately (hasn't happened yet, but i'm compulsively checking) and i get the physical cd when it comes out (with two bonus tracks) plus i have no idea when the domestic version comes out.
so maybe i should just skip to the end and say i'm a little stoked!

also, rhiannon scores again.

Monday, March 22, 2010


hmmmm...arcade fire a lolla headliner? is that enough for a road trip if they aren't playing minnesaintpeopaulis?

i hate the new MGMT album. HATE it. metaphorical disc out the car window kind of hate.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drip Notes

Mystery Disc 1. This is like eating twinkies. Delicious gooey treat, with not a lick of nutritional value. Can I have a third?

Mystery Disc 2. I'm still wrapping my head around this radical departure, but if i can lose my preconceptions about the band (and my love of their last one) it's growing on me. this is pretty damn listenable and the melodies are still there.

Mystery Disc 3. This is the bomb. A serious bid for solo stardom. Poppy, mainstream and in a real language. Fantastic!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Drip, Drip, Drip

Rhiannon is awesome. HUGEST THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Dollar Sunday

Had a couple great flips yesterday:

Young Frankenstein Soundtrack sold for a $38.46 profit (thank you Mr. Erwin for the lead)
Sheena Easton s/t sold for a $36.47 profit

Both were One Way record re-releases (ooh, maybe my Motels One Way release will flip soon)

The original release of You Could Have Been With Me put $17 in my pocket a couple months ago.

Just in case you didn't have Sheena on the pick list, you might want to keep an eye out for her (her first five cds in either original or re-release). Got the S/T disc at Half Price Books of all places (they usually know what they have) and YCHBWM at the Fetus. Guess i'm due for one of the other three at Cheapo. And yeah, i dig all these discs. Great pop songs, shiny radio production and a nice innocence to slushy wench progression (descent?) What's not to love?

Course, I didn't find anything at the stores yesterday and only The Abominable Showman last week. So kinda slow picking of late (course i could pull down stock a little anyway) Maybe I need an Iowa trip to freshen up the stock. Iowa has music stores, right?

Oh yeah, if I was single, and if it was legal, i would marry Sondre Lerche's Heartbeat Radio. In a hearbeat (it's a lovebeat)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Help....

Shout Out Louds-Work: I'm a big subscriber to the old adage that competence and experience overwhelm genius and passion and the SOL's are almost there with this one (their third). I definitely miss the frentic production and melodies of Our Ill Wills, but the pop charms are still here, albeit calmer and more nuanced. And there are definitely songs to love here: The rolling piano lines of 1999, the traditionalist pop of Four by Four and Walls, any number of kinder, gentler ballads (this is the same band that did Howl Gaff?) Take some time and i think this will work for ya.
Biffy Clyro-Only Revolutions: Emo from across the pond. Not really taken with this, although it's pleasant enough.
Apples in Stereo-Travellers in Space and Time: Not really hearing that one AiS song that has my player stuck on repeat but a pretty steady release all the same (in more or less the exact same nod to 70's vocoder/ELO AiS mode). Second half seems stronger to me, but that's arguable i'm sure.
Frightened Rabbit-Winter of Mixed Drinks: You sad miserable puck. Your melancholy is wonderful (although you sounded a little bit too much like Adam Duritz on Midnight Organ Flight), but I really really like it when you get out of bed and greet the day. This is a great album, big 80's anthems sounds for sure, but still enough darkness lurking to keep the mopes at bay. Not a song i can skip and i'm compulsively listening. Nicely produced with lots of interesting touches that complement (complete?) the songs without overwhelming them with studio fussiness. Nice progression from the ramshackle folk rock of the greys, through the bed sit land break up disc of Midnight.
Tindersticks-Falling Down a Mountain: This should be me, with it's very competent rootsy rock with bar room production. I love it with the Avett Brothers and this is pretty similar, but it just isn't clicking. It's all a little to samey and the song writing doesn't create any separation between songs and the production. A song or two might sound good on the radio juxtaposed with some gorillaz or groove armada, but for 40 + minutes? meh.

The Listen List

Artist Album
Vampire Weekend- Contra
Beach House- Teen Dream
Owen Pallet- Heartland
Eels- End Times
OK Go- Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
Magnetic Fields- Realism
Retribution Gospel Choir- 2
Freedy Johnston- Rain on the City
Spoon- Transference
Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM

Artist Album
Hot Chip- One Life Stand
Delphic- Acolyte
Midlake- Courage of Others
Shearwater- Golden Archipelago
Johnny Cash- Ain't No Grave
Joanna Newsom- Have One On Me
Yeasayer- Odd Blood
Field Music- Measure
Shout Out Louds- Work
Phantogram- Eyelid Movies
Groove Armada- Black Light
tindersticks- Falling down a mountain
Massive Attack- Heglioland

Artist Album
Rogue Wave- Permalight
Broken Bells-
Seabear- We Built a Fire
Graham Parker- Invisible Television
Ruby Suns- Fight Softly
Peter Gabriel- Scratch My Back
Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Frightened Rabbit- Winter of Mixed Drinks
Pavement- Quarantine the Past

Artist Album
Apples in Stereo- Travellers in Space and Time

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bow Wow WOW

Dr. Dog-Fate: There isn't a song on this disc that i don't love. Perfect album. Can't wait for new album, can't wait for the show.
Dr. Dog-We All Belong: The elements are all here, but not quite put together.
Mumford and Sons-Sigh No More: a little fleet foxes, a little avett brothers; not really that original, but very tuneful and i wish i'd been quicker on the draw on tickets.
Ra Ra Riot-The Rhumb Line: Not feeling the love as much, but dying is fine is still darn fine.
Shins-Chutes too Narrow: Guess i'm not going to miss the Shins as much as i thought.
Broken Bells: Guess i'm not going to miss the Shins as much as i thought.
Gorillaz-Plastic Beach: Me dig. especially the super furry, but even the lou reed song. nice grooves, hooks enough and i kinda like the dystopian second half.