Friday, May 28, 2010

Taste This, Fair That

jeez. Janelle Monae at Taste of Minnesota (i've mentioned how much i love, love, LOVE the ArchAndroid, right? now i'm gonna have to go. and i'm sure she be playing on the night sammy hagar plays, or the night counting crows plays, or the night bare naked ladies plays (errr, wait, are they here or the Basilica----i can't keep my washed up acts where and when straight). ah least taste of minnesota has that incredible food.

and roseanne cash at the state fair, leiny's stage. damn. i was gonna go state fair free this year (although i'll still get the t-shirts from work....those babies are pretty cool, although not as cool as the Wear Your Fair t-shirts)

next thing you know, i'll be heading off to the zoo to see a show there too. oh damn. what's this? crowded house tickets in the mail. blurgh.

(and baby, you know i was kidding about the food at taste of minnesota, right?)


  1. I bet Janelle will play on Current night (July 2nd). But that's just a guess. Minus The Bear already announced for that day.

  2. I want to love, love, love Janelle Monae -- I will keep listening in the hopes of getting there.