Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bands That Broke Our Hearts Live

(thanks for the idea!)

Broken Social Scene: the encore that was longer than the show.

Delta Spirit: they revealed themselves as the callow youth they were.

Radio Dept: they may as well just have plugged their ipod into the speakers.

Julian Assablancas: why i have any hope for the new strokes disc is beyond me. i am still filled with loathing for J.C.

Church: maybe i should do drugs, but meh to the endless jams.

Pinback: Only show i ever left before the encore.

Beth Orton: this is maybe unfair, cos she wasn't terrible and i had fried my back, but her unrelenting shushing of the audience was annoying. as was the "i've got a tiger on me bum."

oh, i could go on, but it's your turn.

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  1. The first three, for sure, and you just reminded me of a time when I was crazy about Joe Jackson, but his petulant "Silence, please" attitude killed that. Poplar Creek outdoor amphitheater in Chicagoland/"Body and Soul" tour/douche.