Monday, March 14, 2011

Happiness Is In Your Hand

short shot streams:

Dodos-In Color: so close but yet so far. animal collective have much to answer for
Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Belong: it's wrong to expect another "young adult friction" or "higher than the stars", but if progress is silversun pickups (i.e., smashing pumpkins) i'm all for creative rut and debut v. 2.
Le Sera-s/t: sounded so much better in a short sound bite.
Mountain Goats-All Eternals Deck: The MGs have almost become the indie equivalent to eating your vegetables. Lots to digest, purportedly good for you, and better off as a side dish instead of the main meal. 'cept i kinda hate green veggies (except for peas).
Noah and the Whale-Last Night on Earth: Wha???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I was ready to write this band off after the dreckian First Day of Spring and then they come out with this? which not only has a pulse, and songs, and charm and WTF? This is a really good disc, perfectly paced between some shockingly upbeat songs (almost disco, almost rocking) and some kinda seemingly po-faced ballads (wild thing, which i love, isn't even the best of the batch). There's even an inescapably catchy could be a single (although results my vary and your ICCBAS might not be the same as mine) that i could help but hit replay on a few too many times. this is a huge, delightful surprise.

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