Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walking around in NYC

this is what i picked up in new york:

them featuring van 7.99
them featuring van 9.99 (yeah, two copies, same store)
steve winwood s/t 7.99
robyn hitchcock globe of frogs 7.99
robert forster danger in the past 1.00
robert forster i had a new york girlfriend 1.00
jesse winchester best 1.00
fat lady sings john son 1.00
jesus and mary chain far gone and out (cool hologram cd that i used to have and always regretted selling) 4.99
peter wolf lights out 4.99 (Ya! holy grail item)
squeeze cosi fan tuttu fruiti 6.99
graham parker and the shot steady nerves (elektra with bonus track) 7.99

colony store in times square was way overpriced on EVERYTHING (the james taylor walking man cd was 22.98. !!!!)

bleeker street records and generations records had great cd and vinyl selections.

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