Friday, July 22, 2011

Split Enz vs. Squeeze

Discuss. (and i'm kind of thinking that Split Enz were more creative and certainly had more influence than Squeeze)

(stupid blooger wouldn't let me post this in comments, nor would it let me fix the mistake i made on History Never Repeats....)

is this the line you are refering to:

"singles remind me of kisses,
albums remind me of plans"

from "If I Didn't Love You"

(Do we agree to generalize that Squeeze's lyrics were more clever, while Split Enz's were more sincere?)

also, i should give Neil Finn's solo stuff another listen. i was bitter about the breakup/change and didn't really listen with open ears/mind.


  1. I have started to comment but it's such a huge topic! I definitely couldn't choose between them -- I like more Squeeze songs, but I like the Split Enz songs that are among my favorites ("Six Months in a Leaky Boat," "Message to My Girl," "I Got You") more than the ones that are my Squeeze favorites. I've seen 'em both live, at somewhere near their popularity peaks, and Squeeze was definitely better but that's because they also had Jools Holland and because the Split Enz folks seemed to be pissed at each other.

  2. the tale of the tape as i see it:

    singles collections (the initial ones, not the later repeats that tack on a song or two, or those 2 disc summary monstrosities that feel compelled to give equal weight to later songs): "singles: 45's and over" wins over "history never forgets" (although they are both great titles for compilations.

    albums: i'd have to give the nod to squeeze ("east side story" "argybargy" "sweets from a stranger" and "babylon and on" squeak a win over "true colors" "time and tide" "frenzy" and "corroboree"

    b sides and rarities: this one goes to the enz. rootin' tootin' luton tapes is probably their best album....and it's just a rarities collection. granted squeeze was amazingly prolific with their b-sides, but their hit to miss ratio is remarkably low (i wouldn't think i'd ever say this to a band, but squeeze could have certainly left some of the b-sides in the can, plus i really hate how they always have to throw two or three on every new compilation so i have to get a copy, but they can't just put out a totally b-sides/rarities collection.

    quit when they are ahead: enz have this one too. yeah, they've done a bunch of reunion shows, but as far as i know "see ya 'round" is the last studio recording. way to know when to leave it guys. re: squeeze.....the 90's, the 10's and current. no mas.

    post band career (or interim between reuniting): obviously, this is all enz too. crowded house is brilliant, tim finn has put out at least 4 albums (and some very cool throwaways) and although i can't stand the finn brothers or neil's solo discs, i'm thinking this liam guy might have a future. "love's crashing waves" might be my favorite squeeze (non-squeeze) song, but neither tilbrook nor difford has won my fancy with their solo stuff.

    peak: tie. their best singles (about 6 songs each) are they are all pure pop perfection. i love them all equally. (as long as difford is ONLY singing backup)

    live: can't attest to this cos i've not seen either band live (although i did see crowded house and they were great). sounds like a job for youtube.

    results: squeeze i think by a hair, but only if i don't penalize them for pretty much everything after 1987.

  3. re Tim Finn: 4 albums that i love, that is, i know he's put out a ton more than that.

  4. Although I disagree about Neil Finn solo (and I like that last Difford solo CD, even though I much prefer Tilbrook to Difford), this strikes me as an excellent way to break it down. I keep meaning to look up that Squeeze lyric ("Is That Love," maybe?) where they characterize the difference between the man and a woman in a couple as the difference between singles and albums, but those lyric sites always have viruses, so I think I'll demur. Oh, one other point of comparison could be degree of selling out, but I think that's a tie -- I don't remember either band selling their catchiest songs to commercials (maybe because they weren't asked, but still).