Sunday, September 4, 2011

Objects of My Affection

Peter Bjorn and John
First Avenue
August 25, 2011

ooh, this is almost rarefied air these days; this being my third PB&G show in as many albums. i must like them or something. course, what isn't to like. they write brilliant pop songs (especially when they keep the beat up and the running time to under three minutes), are very engaging performers (if not a little on the ironic rock star poses...although i think they might be a little more sincere these days), John is a dream boat (and a killer drummer) they are touring behind what i think is their best album and those swedish accents.....i'd swoon if i was able.

the one two punch of young folks and second chance was the highlight of the show for me (those drum snaps from YF into Second Chance....wowsa). but pretty much any Gimme Some song was great (and they played almost all of that) Dig a Little Deeper and Breaker, Breaker were crowd pleasers of course, and although i like their peppy songs more, May Seems Macabre and show opener Tomorrow Has to Wait were pretty awesome too. Living Thing got pretty much ignored, and even Writer's Block got short shrift this time out, but that's ok. I'd seen those tours already and it was nice to hear a few tracks off the first couple of albums. i could quibble with the pacing a bit (the solos still go on a bit too much) and the encore was a bit of a let down (although i'm all for playing the best songs first, but Bjorn's crowd wanders and the energy and enthusiasm the band displayed throughout the show sure made it a fun one.

i'll see you at show four.


  1. "Writer's Block" sure did get ignored. Which reminds me of something I forgot to mention: Peter said "Paris 2004" is from "Living Thing," which it isn't; it's from "Writer's Block." High?
    And I'm up for another one, too.

  2. i might have to dig up a set list from the interwebs. did they play ANYTHING from "Living Thing" (nothing to worry about maybe? oh, and maybe that shut the eff up song in the encore?)

  3. Yup, "Lay It Down" (the shut the eff up song) and also "It Don't Move Me," which was paired with "Tomorrow Has to Wait" from the new record. I could be wrong but I don't remember "Nothing to Worry About."