Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This Christmas

In the spirit of the season, some holiday faves (Shockingly, no real surprises and apologies for all the ads, ugh----and the awful sound in the Elton tune):

Last Christmas- Wham!  (i know, who'd have figured i'd love this one....incidentally, i have zero recollection of this song when it actually came out)

Christmas Day-Squeeze (how do i love thee, Squeeze?  Let me count the ways; great singles (reminding me of kisses), great albums (reminding me of plans), great b-sides (tonight, it's love by the fire) and an awesome christmas song (would you make me feel so).  Brilliant.

Don’t they know it’s Christmas time-Band Aid (still chills-plus i'm going to have to break out the Ultravox now)

Happy Xmas (War is Over)-John Lennon (i dunno why i was such a political kid.  but this song sure fired me up.  and i almost appreciate the Yoko vocalization these days)

Christmas time is here-Charlie Brown Christmas Special (this shouldn't break my heart, but it does)

Step into Christmas-Elton John (even though i once went to a christmas party where this song played on a continuous loop out in the front yard---i still love it---might also help that i made out with someone in said front yard while song was playing)

Wonderful Christmas time-Wings (i love me some paul mccartney- this always put me in the holiday mood)

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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  1. I like this! I've never heard that Squeeze one before or seen that Band Aid video. I'm a sucker for 80s Christmas tunes.