Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014-Year in Review-Singles

10. "From Now On" Delta Spirit
 9.  "Coming Home" Kaiser Chiefs
 8.  "Simple and Pure" Pains of Being Pure at Heart
 7.  "Staircase at the University" Morrissey
 6.  "Tourniquet" Jeremy Messersmith
 5.  "Airwaves/Ojai" Ray Lamontagne
 4.  "Seasons (Waiting on You)" Future Islands
 3.  "Milwaukee"  The Both
 2.  "Put Your Number in My Phone" Airel Pink
 1.  "Who Rings the Bell" Eno/Hyde


  1. I don't think I heard one of these :/ Are you really my music supplier?

  2. Oooh, I like this list a lot! Several were contenders for me, too.

  3. i'm never really sure what is a single and what is just an album track i love. i guess it doesn't really matter (but for the record i think most of those were actually singles). "boy's latin" would have made the list but for the fact that preview singles from albums that arent out yet (ahem) don't count in my book. (although i'm not loving the father john misty preview single so far)