Friday, July 2, 2010

A Holi-Holi Ho and a Holi-Holi Hey

The one bad part about having a few days off is that i'm free to ramble records stores, etc with abandon. Pretty much done (possibly a Tune Town stop if we do Mankato tomorrow) but lots of goodies (and maybe one or two still under consideration)

From the "Ya Ya I Know, but I didn't Have" Pile

Player-Baby Come Back (The Best of Player) 4.95
Orleans-Dance With Me (The Best of Orleans) 4.95
Barry Goudreau 4.95 (i could say i'm picking this up for al, but who would i be kidding)
Thompson Twins-Quick Step & Side Kick 7.95 (thought this might be worth something, but lots of b-sides and re-mixes so it should be fun)
Tim Finn-Big Canoe 16.10 exorbitant price tag and it looks like amazon has way cheaper copies, but i only have a crappy vinyl conversion of this, and it has a couple bonus tracks. sadly i left behind a way more valuable tim finn cd at the store. ah well.

From the "I Have a 10% off Coupon and I'm Going to Use it" Pile

Cowboy Junkies-Renmin Park 13
Kele-The Boxer 9.64 (i was more compelled to buy this for my unexplained indifference than anything else, but it was on sale +10% off)

From the "How Can they Stay in Business Selling These for So Cheap" Pile

Orion the Hunter s/t (new!) 13.98 (course, i can't open this, even though used is selling for $30)
Mason Jennings-Simple Life 8.64 (not really a fan, but demos and whatnot, should flip pretty quickly)
Wings Over America (Live) 6.45
Db's The Sound of Music 9.71
The Other Ones s/t 5.35 (Nice profit potential on all of these last ones, but this has the potential to be my most profitable cd sale of all time) Take that, Juniper Vinyl!


  1. Hey, whose "Big Canoe" are you calling "crappy?" :)

  2. the conversion was poor. i didn't do a good job of editing the tracks. the vinyl itself was fine.