Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hooting and Howling

i think i might want to revisit my top ten from 2009. i didn't find space for Wild Beasts' Two Dancers (although it was close). but every time i listen to it, it nudges closer and closer to the top ten (can i just combine it with the dirty projectors and put it at 6?) i'm even learning song titles and listening to lyrics.

also, found a copy of their debut (Limbo, Panto) and it is interesting enough in an over the top (REALLY over the top) way, but it just reinforces the quantum leap forward they made going into album two. (don't worry, it's in the pile for your consideration)


  1. I have misgivings about do-overs, but I do think a top ten is only what you were thinking at that moment, if that helps. But I'm with you, and I bet they're amazing live.

  2. i can't stand the singer's voice for some reason. but i do like their guitar rifs, so it's a tough call.