Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough

Stacks of Wax:

Maximum Balloon-s/t: The whole TV on the Radio thing escapes me. Aren't they just Bloc Party? i kid, i kid! don't hate all over me (just a little on the shoes maybe)
Weezer-Hurley: Normally, i'd be all over the hyper prolific-ness, but is it just me or does Rivers sound more and more like a Weezer tribute band (and a kinda bad one at that). course, i'm not sure why i keep listening.
Interpol-s/t: style over substance you say? Viva le style, I say (but not very loudly)
Phosphorescent-Here's to Taking It Easy: It's not for nothing that the eagles are quoted in the album name. some good 70's inspired country rock going on here, with just enough MMJ to make the ICC say, hmmmmmm.
Thermals-Personal Life: aside from the goat voice suffering singing (that shot is aimed at the mountain goats, btw and not midnight oil) i'm liking the warmed over post grunge sound going on here (it's almost winter, i'm into comfort food)
Filter-The Trouble with Angels: I dunno what the trouble with angels is, but the trouble with this album is that there aren't any good songs and the production is really boring. however, there is some really neat cd packaging. so it's got that going for it.
The Acorn-No Ghost: Note to self, don't let the knitter infect you with his impulse buying. You'll regret it.
Black Mountain-Wilderness Heart: I dunno why i am partial to this Deep Purple/BOC knock off stuff, but i am.
Brandon Flowers-Flamingo: i can only hope brandon flowers has a severe heroin habit. that wouldn't 100% excuse this, but at least i would understand the addled part.
Robert Plant-Band of Joy: Love the silver rider cover. Way to never grow old, Mr. Plant!
Bad plus Never Stop: mesmerizing, but I always like what these guys do…and no covers this time out
!!! Strange Weather Isn!t It?: Standard more of the same with ever diminishing returns
Chromeo- Business Casual: I still wish that duet would be on here, but I like
Tim kasher-the game of monogamy-I expected more from this…I thought he was saving something from cursive, but what this makes me think is that he needs a break.
Laura Marling I speak because I can: If you like classic era (blue and pre blue) joni mitchell (and who doesn't) this will appeal (with maybe some patty griffin and michelle shocked thrown in for good measure). I'll admit I was predisposed to dislike, but I couldn't help but enjoy.

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