Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wish Upon a Star

Ok, so this is more or less my holy grail list. Music that i'd love to stumble across when i'm picking.
and of course, there are some caveats....

i have to be the one to find it (although that's not 100% true),
it has to be found in a physical store (going onto amazon and buying it doesn't count),
it has to be reasonably priced (picking up Snakes & Ladders for $50 is not cool....i think my price point is $10 and under, ideally),
and no gifts (because i'm just gonna turn around and flip it)

So here it is:

Andy Gibb After Dark
Andy Gibb Flowing Rivers
Andy Gibb Shadow Dancing
Bears s/t
Bears Rise and Shine
Birtles and Gobles the last romance
Dr. Hook A Little Bit more
Dr. Hook Pleasure and Pain
Dr. Hook Sometimes You Win
Eddie Rabbitt Loveline
Eddie Rabbitt Step by Step
Eddie Rabbitt Variations
Gerry Rafferty Night Owl
Gerry Rafferty Sleepwalking
Gerry Rafferty Snakes & Ladders
Glenn Shorrock Villain of the Peace
Greg Kihn (first album)
Greg Kihn Citizen Kihn
Greg Kihn Kihnspiracy
Greg Kihn Kihntagious
Greg Kihn Kihntinued
Greg Kihn Kinhspiracy
Greg Kihn Next of Kihn
Greg Kihn RockihnRoll
John Stewart Bombs Away Dream Babies
John Stewart Dream Babies Go Hollywood
Louise Tucker Midnight Blue
Miracle Legion Me and Mr Ray
Motels Shock
Naked Eyes Very Best
Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit
Nick Lowe Labour of Lust
Nick Lowe Nick the Knife
Nick Lowe Pinker and Prouder than Previous
Peter Wolf Lights Out
Poco The Blue and the Grey
Poco Under the Gun
Radio Daze (vol 2,4,5)
Re-Flex The Politics of Dancing
Sheena Easton Best Kept Secret (One Way)
Sheena Easton You Could Have Been With Me (One Way)
Sheena Easton Madness, Money and & Music (One Way)
Sheena Easton Private Heaven (One Way)
Sun City
We are the World

Incidentally, i had two more on this list (the call's reconciled and men at work's two hearts) but i found those in the last couple of weeks. and i don't know why i have so many greg kihn cds on there. i have a greatest hits and that' probably all i would really listen too.

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