Saturday, April 23, 2011

If You Doubt

S. Carey
Varsity Theater
January 14th, 2011

First show of 2011, first show post of 2011 (and it's only april until i get around to it).

what can i say about S. Carey live? Hmmmm....i really do like his album FOR ALL WE GROW, "In the Dirt" and "In the Stream" really stick out for me, but the whole album has a nice feel. Definitely a shadow cast of Bon Iver with the hushed vocals and folky/pop arrangements and ethereal aesthetic, but that's ok. if i had a boat, that sound would be my ocean.
Live, S. Carey and his band have a more distinctly Nick Drake vibe than he does on recording. if nick drake played piano and wasn't afraid to get a little of it out. There was an intensity, a decidedly powerful energy live that is missing for the sleepy wispy studio sound. A very welcome shot when i was worried that this show might be all church like and reverent, like bon iver's show at the turf club (although still not enough volume to keep someone awake) Plus his choice of covers (The Notwist and David Bazan) are maybe a good indication of where he's aiming (and filled out a show that barely lasted an hour....not that i'm complaining.....much).

This is definitely a talented work in progress, learning how to apply his talents to the pop trade. i'm looking forward to the next album and tour to see where he goes next. (i predict heavy metal) As always, the varsity was different, but still lovely. such a great venue.

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