Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Pretty Good Night

Rural Alberta Advantage
First Avenue
March 25, 2011

ok. liked them well enough, but they seriously have to change it up. by the end of the show i was pretty fed up with the yelpy vocals and the super strumming on the acoustic guitar, making all the songs sound the same (even the ones that shouldn’t have sounded the same). but then they came out for the second encore, climbed the stairs by the bathrooms and proceeded to play an acoustic version of “Good Night” right above us (we lucked out by heading to the doors at the end of the first encore) and i was charmed. nicely done kids. all is forgiven. (yes, I know it was totally a gimmick they do all the time and I’ll just find it annoying if I go again) but seriously....more instrumentation next time.

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