Friday, October 7, 2011

Rocket List

The bad thing with most of these bucket list shows is that i'd have to go to big venues to see them. and therein lies the rub. ya go. comment away with blindspots and smirks.

Barry Manilow (whatever. It’s not like you don’t have a few rubber rings in there too)
Van Morrison
Rickie Lee Jones (although I’m deathly afraid to go to one of her shows)
Donnie Iris (might have to roadtrip to Ohio sometime to see him)
Wilco (although it's not like i tried for Orpheum tickets)
Gary Numan (i don't care what mitch says, i'd see him if he came around)
Stevie Wonder
Marshall Crenshaw
Fleetwood Mac/Lindsey Buckingham (only reason i didn't hit pantages is cos it was a school weekend and we were going to see Gordy the following night)
John Cale/Lou Reed
Al Stewart (I think I missed him at the Dakota this summer. Stupid)
Eurythmics/Annie Lennox
Prefab Sprout (unlikely, but still)
B.B. King (I should see, right?)
Morrissey (this is not the same as the smith’s reunion Coachella show next year, or the next year)
David Bowie (really? I know…what’s the point, but he’s always been on the list)
James Taylor
Prince (how can I never have seen prince?)
Paul Westerberg (how can I never have seen the replacements?)
Bob Dylan (I’d hate it, but I should go)
U2 (and yet, did I get tickets to TCF? No)
Pet Shop Boys
Joni Mitchell
Ray Davies/Kinks
Bryan Ferry
Loretta Lynn (does she even do shows anymore?)
Elton John (do i? Don’t i? I feel this is like Dylan where I should see him at least once)
XTC (ha, broken up and even before that Andy Partridge had such stage fright that he refused to tour)

Former bucket listers:
R.E.M. (it only took me 20 years)
Simon and Garfunkel/Paul Simon
Go-Betweens (well at least Grant and Robert which was precious as perfect summer)
Gang of Four (much less in retrospect)
Gordon Lightfoot (yay!)


  1. I've actually seen some of those -- Bowie on the "Furious Moonlight" tour, Jones a couple times (once drunk, once great), JT ("Flag"), Replacements ("All Shook Down," most deafening show I've ever been to), Elton John (musta been "Jump Up"). I'd recommend them all and I better start a list -- it would definitely include Ferry, Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys (with a "but did I?") and Wilco. And Stevie Wonder is my numero uno. I'd add The Strokes, any decent percentage of The Pretenders, Kanye West and probably others.
    Thanks for the food for thought, Mr. Gonzalez!

  2. ooo great post! And I made serious fun of the lab next door for blasting Barry Manilow this week :)

    You already know my obsession with Radiohead and U2 shows, they are must see! I've seen Prince (twice... how is that even possible for you?), BB King, Fleetwood Mac (requirement/free tickets), and Annie Lennox.

    My bucket list is very small:
    Tony Bennett - he'll probably kick the bucket before I buy a ticket
    The Strokes
    Pearl Jam
    Bon Iver/Justin