Saturday, October 22, 2011

This NEVER Happens

Okkervil River
First Avenue
June 12, 2011

ok. i can count the number of shows i had tickets for, but did not attend, on one hand. on one finger. it was the infamous Ryan Adams meltdown show at first ave. (for reasons of which we need not go into, but at least Al and his brother used the tickets, so they got to be witness, and i'm completely glad i didn't have to be)

now you can add one more finger. i had a bug. i was throwing up about 10 minutes before Paul showed up. i just couldn't make it. he came all the way from Amsterdam and i left him high and dry (not that he came all the way to see Okkervil River---or me for that matter). Apologies and i'll make it up (both to Paul and Okkervil River)

I suppose i can't put the ticket on my ticket collage, can i?

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