Friday, March 26, 2010

Did It In A Minute

Dunno if this was wise or not, but i just pulled the trigger on an import. And it wasn't radiohead. And it doesn't come out for a month yet. and the band made me join their fan club. but i supposedly get a download of their new album immediately (hasn't happened yet, but i'm compulsively checking) and i get the physical cd when it comes out (with two bonus tracks) plus i have no idea when the domestic version comes out.
so maybe i should just skip to the end and say i'm a little stoked!

also, rhiannon scores again.


  1. Speaking of Radiohead, have you heard their cover of "Rhinestone Cowboy?" Genius.

  2. And why are you making me to research with all of your posts? :) I can't figure it out! Not Teenage Fanclub?? I heard their new single.

  3. He's a tease, Rhiannon. Futureheads.