Monday, March 8, 2010

Bow Wow WOW

Dr. Dog-Fate: There isn't a song on this disc that i don't love. Perfect album. Can't wait for new album, can't wait for the show.
Dr. Dog-We All Belong: The elements are all here, but not quite put together.
Mumford and Sons-Sigh No More: a little fleet foxes, a little avett brothers; not really that original, but very tuneful and i wish i'd been quicker on the draw on tickets.
Ra Ra Riot-The Rhumb Line: Not feeling the love as much, but dying is fine is still darn fine.
Shins-Chutes too Narrow: Guess i'm not going to miss the Shins as much as i thought.
Broken Bells: Guess i'm not going to miss the Shins as much as i thought.
Gorillaz-Plastic Beach: Me dig. especially the super furry, but even the lou reed song. nice grooves, hooks enough and i kinda like the dystopian second half.


  1. I'm loving Gorillaz, too. Weirdly, the first time I heard it, before I realized it was Lou Reed, I was thinking the voice sounded like Bill Nighy.

  2. that's the charm of gorillaz, init? you figure anything can happen. bill nighy on the album wouldn't even raise an eyebrow (and at this point--or any point--- he probably sings better than lou reed)