Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Dollar Sunday

Had a couple great flips yesterday:

Young Frankenstein Soundtrack sold for a $38.46 profit (thank you Mr. Erwin for the lead)
Sheena Easton s/t sold for a $36.47 profit

Both were One Way record re-releases (ooh, maybe my Motels One Way release will flip soon)

The original release of You Could Have Been With Me put $17 in my pocket a couple months ago.

Just in case you didn't have Sheena on the pick list, you might want to keep an eye out for her (her first five cds in either original or re-release). Got the S/T disc at Half Price Books of all places (they usually know what they have) and YCHBWM at the Fetus. Guess i'm due for one of the other three at Cheapo. And yeah, i dig all these discs. Great pop songs, shiny radio production and a nice innocence to slushy wench progression (descent?) What's not to love?

Course, I didn't find anything at the stores yesterday and only The Abominable Showman last week. So kinda slow picking of late (course i could pull down stock a little anyway) Maybe I need an Iowa trip to freshen up the stock. Iowa has music stores, right?

Oh yeah, if I was single, and if it was legal, i would marry Sondre Lerche's Heartbeat Radio. In a hearbeat (it's a lovebeat)

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