Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Cedar Cultural Center, April 6, 2010

i’m a fan o’ farlo. nothing much more to be said to it. their boozy, street busker anthem stuff hit my sweet spot upon first listen of Reservoir (i liken them to a less ambitious Arcade Fire- in only the best way), and improved with each subsequent listen. so to say, i was looking forward to a return live engagement would be putting it mildly. And they did not disappoint. They were charming, energetic and relaxed (lead singer Simon Balthazer maybe a little too low key) playing to the crowd and themselves with nary a sign of rock act arrogance (see JC two nights subsequent). Playing most of Reservoir, a couple new tunes (something about Simon’s hometown in Sweden and a rather longish work in progress about a street preacher) and an old tune made new by Record Store Day (“You Are One...”), they did a nice job with the song selection, mixing in some of the slower more dramatic songs with the upbeat fare (truly, i promise to start keeping a set list for shows). They kept the momentum going, but also gave themselves room to play with moods and texture, much to the crowds’ entertainment. And of course, they had the crowd at the Cedar bopping along to "Harold T Wilkins", just short of actual pogo-ing craziness. Nice show and a nice start for a band that is definitely deserves your attention. (and i wasn’t the oldest person there by a long shot, which is always nice)

Opening acts deserve a little mention too:

Robert Francis perked up my ears with his rootsy rock songs. Nothing new in the style department, but the songwriting overcomes the influences and "Junebug" and "Nightfall" definitely stood out for me during his set.

Lawrence Arabia’s "Apple Pie Bed" has been in heavy rotation since the show, and a couple others from Chant Darling might follow. Course, i love beatlesque pop, so no surprise there, but he does it well. but seriously, where did the Prime Minister’s come from? why do they look so familiar? Am i so obsessed with the EF clerks?

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