Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Night Pickin'

seriously. not trying to make this a once a week thing. it's been a hectic week (and a little bit stressful)and i've been involved in a music blog project (that will be forthcoming) but just so you didn't think i didn't love you, i'm posting (in the sweltering minneapolis spring heat wave)

first off, fanfarlo is a go for tuesday night. tickets procured. and cedar avenue is kinda scary sometimes.

next off, nice music picking tonight (for not even meaning to).

had to run off to cheapo to return a disc that skipped (doesn't happen very often, but i really need to start looking at the discs before i buy them).

basically, i exchanged jonny greenwood for the animaniacs soundtrack, but one thing led to another and i hopped, skipped and jumped across the big three. here's my haul and what it set me back:

bob welch three hearts remastered-8.61
van morrison hymns to the silence-10.75
storyhill miles and means-1.03
soundtrack animaniacs-3.21
split enz time and tide-8.72
split enz frenzy-8.72
split enz see ya 'round-8.72
split enz conflicting emotions-8.72

i know, i do they keep putting out these van morrison discs? whatever. it works for me. already played the bob welch. it has a french version of precious love. shawn will be in heaven (although i'm sure he's never heard precious love before...but at least he knows who fleetwood mac is, although i'm sure he only knows the stuff they did after bob left.
also pretty excited about the split enz discs. they are remastered from 2006. not tons of bonus tracks (boo-hoo) but the sound should be a great improvement over the cds that have been floating out there for years. (and i can't rightly say that i've heard all four albums from start to finish ever)

must off to music listen now. later gators.


  1. Those are some great finds, and you are a god.

  2. ooo what's the music blog project?? I've never heard of Bob Welch and I'm NAMED after a Fleetwood Mac song!

  3. 70s power-pop, Rhiannon (I hope it's not rude to jump in here). And "Ebony Eyes" is even better than "Precious Love," in my book. I'm also curious about the project, but I hear we'll read it soon.