Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Madonna Celebration

no, not Glee, although i'm sure i'll have to watch it. ("c'mon, sit down and watch"). Instead, today i listened to the new(ish) madonna collection, Celebration. It's not a chronological collection (i'm a big fan of those), but a "Look, See! My newer stuff is still important!" sequencing, by mixing her classic hits with her more recent stuff (and then some utterly forgettable 90's stuff). Mostly, what i'm thinking is this collection shows where she quit being relevant (1989). Oh sure, she had an accidental hit here and there (mostly thanks to her au courant producers rather than songs), but pickings are pretty slim after Like a Prayer. In fact, with most of her stuff in the last decade, you'd be hard pressed to tell if it's Madonna or Brittney Spears. And although i'm not picking on Brittney, that's pretty sad. Madonna, Prince, U2. Where have all the cowboys gone?

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