Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Longer Your Fag

let me summarize before i go off on a tear.

Concert Corollary Five: just give me your best 15 songs (and a 2 song encore, unless we really REALLY love you)

i’m glad i went
BSS is an indie rock icon (not to mention a canadian cottage industry what with feist, stars, metric, apostle of hustle, and jason collet at a minimum)
they have a ton of great songs and i really love Forgiveness Rock Record (and they pretty much played most of what i wanted to hear)
the version of “Meet Me in the Basement” was sheer bliss (gave me goosebumps)
the crowd was (to steal from the ICC) rapturous and they played the heck out of everything.
the apostle of hustle was a nice surprise (and easily the star of the show for me)

but still....

i hated this show and couldn’t wait for it to end.
i blame kevin drew. tighten up 2010. less talk-ey dude, more play-ey. and maybe wipe the smug off your cheek.
i blame poor pacing (talk about your ebbs and flows all you like, that’s still not an excuse for random song selection)
i blame the sea and cake interlude midway through the show (ya ya, i know people gotta smoke, but why do i have to pay for it)
sorta kinda blame lisa lobsinger had no presence. granted she aint leslie nor amy nor emily (ain’t her fault and all in all was lovely), but sheesh, she was practically invisible even when she was center stage. they could have really used something to offset the boys. plus, she was off stage for 2/3rds of the show (although how could you tell).
i was worried it would be just a random float off into the ether kind of jam concert so was very pleased with the first half that just tore through the setlist. but then it degraded into a subatomic state (massless, formless, comprised of mostly nothing but energy) as it stretch to the 2 hour mark (‘please let this be the last song, please let this be the last song’) probably a boon for the true fans (“this is my favorite song, excuse me while i leave the stage”) but nothing after “meet me in the basement” did anything for me.

ya ya. why the negs? chill dude. (soon enough, soon enough) whatever.

maybe i just wasn’t in the right space of mind (it was a monday night after all)

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  1. It was not you. It was them. And it was closer to 2 1/2 massless, formless hours, right?