Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things That Make You Go

sold a couple cds yesterday. and as i don't expect to run across either of these two again, i don't mind sharing. (but if you see either of these, make damn sure you pick them up for yourself...thar's gold in them thar hills!)

Ladyhawke Soundtrack (i paid 4.95 for this) sold it for $55 (to japan!) (i don't care what melloy says, i like this movie..although in retrospect that alan parsons soundtrack is a bit much)
Al Stewart Year of the Cat-mobile fidelity sound lab version (paid 14.95 for it) and i sold it for $225. yes. you read that right.

probably about 210 buck profit between the two sales. kinda nice. a certain someone is almost impressed with my "hobby"


  1. WHAT??? I can't imagine paying $225 for any CD! Did you know it would sell for THAT much?

  2. i have Year of the Cat on vinyl...quality unknown. would i get like $4 for that? depends on if i sold it online or at cheapo.

  3. i don't know vinyl that well (my buddy ryan does all the vinyl sales), but i would bet vinyl al doesn't go for much.