Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Saw the Muse?

reading the review of last nights' target center Muse show (courtesy of the ppress). review mentioned them opening up for red hot chili peppers and foo fighters show almost a decade ago. damn. i was at that show with melloy and amy (i believe there was flashing involved, but can't remember if it was melloy or amy). i vaguely remember an opening act before the co-headliners, but have to say if it was muse, it was unremarkable. course, maybe this is why i was conditioned to like muse, rather than their ripping off other bands i like (queen, radiohead, starland vocal band). kinda funny.


  1. Fun game: Re-read that review and note how much of it seems to have been written before entering the Target Center last night.

  2. haha. true. i did see it was posted around 11pm. i'd barely be home by then, much less ranting about anything. nice to see he's already over passion pit. i think i'm gonna pre-write about sufjan (although i won't necessarily play it safe and bland). we'll see how it goes.

  3. I could pre-write Sufjan ... genius musical perfection! And Chris is going to miss it :)