Saturday, November 12, 2011

Right Down the Line

Weird thing happened the other day. I had just gotten my remastered Baker Street in the mail and was driving around giving it a listen.

The remastering sounds fantastic with all kinds of details in the production i had never noticed before. And they added the "Big Change in the Weather" b-side to the album proper. And even more, they added a bonus disc of demos. Delightful and i'm really enjoying it. Thanks Mitch, for the heads up on this one.

But back to my weird thing. "Right Down the Line" was just finishing up as i drove up to the gas station (3.39 i think, about damn time prices went down!). Turned off the car, stepped out and what was playing? Would you believe the end of "Right Down the Line?" What are the odds? Although i suppose that song is playing somewhere all the time (and i never get tired of it, or "Baker Street").

You sure done good, Mr. Rafferty. I hope you rest in peace.

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