Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sheena of the Jungle

My good sales week continues.

The $5 Sheena (You Could Have Been With Me) flipped. only $27, but that's market and i'm fine with that. it's not like it was the One Way version. and I did just sell the One Way Private Heaven that I bought (and overpaid for) on EBAY. Keep your eyes out for the first five sheena cds. either edition is golden (but share em with me before you sell em)

Also sold Nick Lowe's Rose of England. Paid a bit too much for this one ($20) too (not that i expect Half Price books to have deals) but still made $20+ on it. So that's a keeper too.

i'm nearing 2200 profit for the year, although i have a bunch of dead weight listings (yes, i'm talking to you collective soul!) that i need to unload at cheapo before the end of the year. so that will cut into profits. Bring on the holidays!!! Daddy wants to break even.

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