Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Year in Review-Album Edition

1.  Sufjan Stevens-Carrie and Lowell (played and played and played and played.  and even when i gave it a rest it was still playing in my mind.  mite dark, but not really depressing, more darkly beautiful if anything)
2. Mountain Goats-Beat the Champ (i might have given up on John, but wow is this a great album.  yes, it's about wrestling.  really.  but also about so much more.  and the music is the most open and adventurous he's been in ages.  there are even a couple tracks that harken back to new wave Joe Jackson (and that's a good thing too)
3. Vaccines-English Graffiti (easily my most listened to album of the year and my three favorite bonus tracks to boot.  and a great live show.  you really need to listen to it)
4.  Grimes-Art Angles (she just might be the real deal)
5.  Low-Ones and Sixes (however many albums in and they might have made my favorite album of theirs.  and that is really saying something. everything they do, they do here, and they might just do it better than ever even adding electronics bells and widgets to the patented "low sound".  and even kick up the pop smarts with "no end,"  "kid in the corner" and "what part of me."  and "lies" might be my new favorite Low song.  and just listen to "Landslide" when Mimi's angelic vocals kick in about halfway through this song, i get goosebumps.   jeez.  maybe this should be higher.  or maybe this is a really great year for albums. )
6.  Belle and Sebastian-Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (welcome back belle.  and thanks for making a great, if totally schizophrenic album.  somebody should write something about album sequencing and use this album as a means to discuss said topic)
7. Tame Impala-Currents (from the early singles this could have been #1, but those singles might have blown the load)
8. Majical Cloudz-Are You Alone?  (snuck up on me.  had it in the car and forgot what it was and in no time it had won me over.  and you might think it's a little too demo-ish, but it really says all it needs to say with no excess production.
9.Marina and Diamonds-Froot (my pick for dancefloor album of the year.  but it really is more than just some Max Martin/Dr. Luke cut comp and paste sterile production.  warm vocals intertwined with organic production with Marina's vocals and some surprisingly perceptive lyrics put this head and shoulders above the antiseptic pop of the mileys and ariannas.
10. Jr Jr-The Speed of Things (pure pop for power people, please and thank you.  thank you very much!)

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