Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Year in Review-Live Edition

Let's see...

Stevie Wonder knocked off the bucket list.  and everything i would have hoped for (and i'll even give him the little bit too long rambles and the dj set in the encore).  one of my favorite artists of all time and i'm ashamed it's taken me so long to see him.

3D Kraftwerk-amazing!  really!!!  you wouldn't think it, but the 3D was outstanding, the set list was great fun (and surprisingly deep) and the guys (especially Ralf and his cast of long time imposters) were really....animated.

The Vaccines at triple rock-really fun show, just as, if not more, enjoyable than the first show.   really like this band and i don't get why they don't draw more.  ah well, more fun for me.

a mad run of christmas concerts.  some decent rock shows; dj shadow, el vy, the arcs, hot chip (aka cell phone party), the arcs, stand out, amongst others.  and of course the usual too drunk people, long haired sweaty head flinging dancers, back movers (although rail shows were at a minimum this year), the live time reviewers (dude, your buddy can't hear you and even i don't care that that last track was on a european limited edition vinyl single, SHUT UP AND WATCH THE SHOW!)
 what else of note?  hmmm...cop cars on cedar after show parties,  scary stairwell scenes (what is worse, people shooting up in the stairwell somewhat shielded by their drug buddies, or people pissing in plain sight in the stairwell?)  oh yeah, i finally got a smart phone so know i too am able to post badly focused and terrible sounding video.

hmmmm..i feel like i'm forgetting something here...oh yeah, maybe mention of my favorite concert of the year?  Squeeze (or at least Difford and Tilbrook) at the Cedar in November.  you'd never notice that they didn't have a full band with them with all the great guitar playing/arrangements and playful between the songs chit chat.  obviously, difford's voice has been unaffected by age (or what unique voice he has could only be character-built?) but wow oh wow does Tilbrook still sound amazing.  great set list, fun surprises and they seemed to genuinely enjoy playing.  only complaint?  seemed over way too soon (and maybe i didn't need to see the pair of them in pajamas to start the show)  i didn't have them on the bucket (and also, how have i NEVER seen them before) but i should have bucketed them, and i am incredibly glad i got to see them, even if i was a day or two late.

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