Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 Year in Review-Singles Edition

1.  "South"-Hippo Campus (so so so good)
2.  "Return to the Moon"-El Vy (not that the album was bad, but this was so fun)
3.  "Let It Happen"-Tame Impala  (if only the rest of the album was this good)
4.  "Fourth of July/The Only Thing"-Sufjan Stevens (ya it wasn't a single and completely depressing, but still great).
5.  "Crosswords"-Panda Bear
6.  "Beyond Love"-Beach House
7.  "The Party Line"-Belle and Sebastian ("Happy Couples" could fit here too, love them both)
8.  "My Mind/Tomato Can"-The Arcs (ya, i know, they are both b-sides, but i love them)
9.  "Honey, I"m Good"-Andy Grammar
10. "Living My Life"-Deerhunter

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