Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giving It Up

so, despite my best intentions, i bought a new release at lunch today (Stars The Five Ghosts---and i like it, maybe two dates and some fooling around like it). Also finally picked up the Robyn Body Talk EP (grrr....2 more releases to make the whole album?....tiresome...really really tiresome and the ep isn't all that good)

what mostly struck me is that the Bloc Party singer (Kele Okereke) had an album out (The Boxer) and i had no desire/curiousity/interest in picking it up. and it was super cheap! I LOVED Silent Alarm and loved "Tulips" even more. Kind of a bummer to think how limited a band they were and how quickly they became irrelevant. I didn't hate A Weekend in the City, but it was probably all over by then. (Intimacy was utterly unnecessary) Just one of many early promise/early flameouts (futureheads, fratellis, franz ferdinand, hard fi) ah well....one hit wonders for the 20's to remember.

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  1. I beg to differ about FF. And what have you heard about Hard-Fi (who are recording in LA as we speak, according to their site)?