Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sincerely, Your Second Best Music Consumer

I read somewhere that last week’s recorded music sales were the lowest in years. Recorded music is on the way out (no doubt all the cds will all end up in des moines), paradigms are shifting, business models are floundering, the music industry is dying (“but what about sex and drugs and rock n roll?”) boo-hoo-hoo you.

so what was i doing buying a pile of cds last tuesday? (and a book-THE PASSAGE- if we are talking dying media) in fact, i buy more cds (new and used, and the occasional vinyl) now than i have at any other time in my music buying history (which is considerable). some of that buying is economic (i certainly have much more disposable income these days) some of it is the juniper stuff (and with used, i tend to buy stuff i believe in, rather than a bunch of stuff i’d never listen to, regardless of flipping potential), but mostly, i think it’s because there is just so much music out there right now (now being the last 4-5 years) that i find interesting.

so this week’s purchases?
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today-like listening to the 70’s underwater-in a good way (how could there be a bad way). also, check out my promo guy impersonation: “listen to Before Today before Tomorrow”
Teenage Fanclub Shadows -think i like Man Made more, but this is fine
Glee Road to Regionals-i’d say i buy it for the Shawner, but i’ll admit to listening, besides its critique proof
Eclipse Soundtrack-meh. nothing jumping out at me on first listen.
Toyko Police Club Champ (impulse buy but i really like it)
Rooney-Eureka-haven’t gotten to this one yet
Blitzen Trapper-Destroyer of the Void how could i forget this one? takes a while to get going (not a fan of the long drawn out opening song-just give me your best 3 minutes please) but it quickly finds the well worn BT shaggy 70's folky rock groove. i was weaned on CS&N, and the songs are strong, so it's fine for me.

i also ordered the Villagers and Here We Go Magic from Amazon. listened to the Villagers online and liked it (catchy singer songwriter stuff). I was all ready to say Go Away Magic after their opening set for Grizzly Bear at the Cedar, but the single is good, so i’ll give it a shot.
and the ICC picked up Hot Hot Heat and Ratatat cds so looking forward to hearing those as well.

You are welcome, record industry. happy to keep you in coke and hookers for another week.

But what i really want to talk about is my annoyance with new releases coming out on tuesday. ya ya, i know, new releases go up on tuesday cos that’s the day where typically you have the least foot traffic. so new releases are supposed to put feet in the store. and it works i’m sure. gad knows i try to fit in a trip over lunch or after work.

but as you might know, a bunch of us actually have to work during the week. so it’s mighty inconvenient (especially cos i still have too many “lunch” meetings and its been raining for 30 days straight) and i don’t really have as much time to listen to stuff on a tuesday as i would say on a friday or saturday (and there’s nothing worse than a present under the tree that you can’t open). Plus, i don’t like being forced to dance to anybody else’s tune (unless it’s got a great beat and more hooks than Hellraiser).

so music industry and commercial outlets, let’s just say i’m evaluating this one for future considerations. i just might move your tuesday to my saturday and we’ll let the chips fall where they may. maybe some tuesday buyer gets my saturday money when i pick it up used on amazon. i’m willing to trade a few days for a shot at price plunges on used stuff. not saying you need to do anything, just saying i might, and i’ll take my new cd purchases with me.


  1. Your time-shifting idea intrigues me (although one advantage of Tuesday is the stores are not clogged with dopes buying oh, say, "Glee" soundtracks).
    And your Villagers are on Q magazine's current Top 50. It is catchy, indeed!

  2. i don't think the clogging happens early (unless it's record store day) so for those who get up before noon congestion shouldn't be an issue.