Friday, June 4, 2010


Surfer Blood Astro Coast ("Swim" is a fantastic song)
Fol Chen Part II: The New December (Ok, Rhiannon, you've convinced me)
The Antlers Hospice (Can't wait for the nationals show)
Sleigh Bells Treat (ya, i know, i hated them live, but there are two songs on the record i REALLY like and about 4 more i like, which more than makes up for the clipping)

these might be on repeat all day (with even more mumford & sons thrown in)


  1. Surfer Blood's "Take It Easy" would be my jam of choice (it's the one that sounds like Foalspire Weekend). Good find, BTW!

  2. yay!! When did Part 2 come out? I still haven't heard any of The Antlers stuff yet. I'll study up before the show. Did you listen to Mumford & Sons in studio on the Current?