Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’ll Give You My Love, But It Won’t Be True

Funny how a disappointing show can totally destroy my appreciation for a band’s recorded work. I was bored at best by this show, despite all the energy the band put into their performance. In fact, i’d pretty much forget the songs as soon as they played them. ICC and I were both thinking they’d missed songs we wanted to hear, but they did indeed play our favorites (and enough that weren’t---I hated the encore with a place to bury strangers level of intensity) As we were leaving the show, the band was playing. that’s kinda what was wrong with the delta spirit show. They aim high with their cross functional americana, but they really have nothing but a swirl of styles and definitely don’t take it anywhere it hasn’t been before (hell...the rainmakers at least put the grip on that old timey redemption religion thingie) Delta Spirit give us nothing more than an above average bar band. Not sure Ode to Sunshine and History From Below are gonna have the same thrill after seeing Delta Spirit live.

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  1. Unbelievable. I was thinking of the Rainmakers, too, and I'm sure we didn't talk about that. But I think DS could even turn "Let My People Go-Go" into a boring, bluegrass-inflected yodel.