Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Few Quick Ones While the Cat is Away

Best Coast-Crazy for You: all the songs sound about the same and the low fi girl group sound isn’t anything special (raveonettes get me way more charged) but fun enough for summer.
Menomena-Mines: good good stuff. more traditional song structures and instrumentation than i’d heard from them before, but really excellent melodies and they can’t polish the quirk out of themselves that easily. Looking forward to the Varsity show (and i still haven't given up on the idea of seeing Janelle Monae at First Ave too)
Arcade Fire-The Suburbs: not saying the emperor has no clothes, but he’s definitely free balling. Neon Bible had a lot of skip songs for me, but at least it had some extraordinary highs. this all seems a little flat and thematically boring (must there always be call outs to the indie kids?)

and that is it. other than The Acorn disc i got in Toronto (which is more decidedly me than anyone else) i haven’t bought a new cd in three weeks at least. and other than ra ra riot (thanks Rhi) nothing is jumping out at me this week either (i'll pick up !!! when it's 4.95 used, maybe.

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