Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's a Bear Inside Your Stomach

Aug 6 2010
First Avenue

Feeling a little bad because i left out any mention of the Antlers in my National show blurb. They really deserve notice because Hospice is a pretty amazing album. took a while to grow on me (i’m kinda lazy and the story just seemed a little much) but once i let the songs seep their way into my undermind over a bunch of months, the lyrics came off as less labored and more organically tied to the emotional heft of the production. Another almost top tenner from 2009 that feels like it should have been ranked higher. So I was excited to see them open for the National. I was very curious to see how the intimate and personal story would translate to the stage. And they did quite a great job, retaining all the drama and sorrow of the recording, but also filling up the club with the narrative’s dynamic sweep. Sylvia and Two of course, got the crowd excited, but the quieter pieces moving the story along on the album were equally compelling. And of course, I loved bear. Pretty accomplished for a three piece. 87 pounds and this all bears repeating. I can’t wait to hear more.

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