Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Won’t Waste Any More of Your Time

Kind of a fun little run of that 70’s Cali Soft Rock sound, too bad nothing is really jumping out at me. thank goodness for 70’s Cali new wave.

Jenny and Johnny I’m Having Fun Now: But that’s a lie, because i’m not having that much fun. I hope Jenny and Johnny break up. Then i hope Jenny gets back with Rilo Kiley and uses her art to work through the pain of the break up.

Ra Ra Riot The Orchard: The Rhumb Line was a lot of fun. Insanely catchy melodies and that Vampire Weekend faintly african world beat production that was so popular a couple years ago (i love those blink and you missed it music trends) I appreciate that they are trying some new things, but am also faintly bored by the new things. Of course, when they stick to the old paradigm (Massachusetts), i’m dubious (would have been a decent b-side from the first album maybe, except it's kinda too long). Thing is, the songs aren’t very strong, and experimentation and production touches can’t hide that.

The Weepies Be My Thrill: if only they would be. No, that’s not really fair. 15 years ago i’d have enjoyed this on the cities 97. and I liked the last two cds well enough. But they just sound a little too like late columbia shawn colvin to really endear themselves to me. Honeypie? Hummingbird? Red Red Rose? anyone else in a diabetic coma? i miss the indigo girls! If paint could sing, this is what it would sound like (and it would be flat white, not even enamel).

Film School Fission: But if you are changing your direction, it’s only a matter of time. Ah, that’s the spot. A little higher and to the left, to the left, to the left.


  1. I did miss this. Whoops. Oh, and I just realized I can't go to Sufjan S, anyway. Rats. Maybe.

  2. you know rhiannon will be giving you a stern talking to if you miss sufjan. btw, i played some of the best of crowded house for shawn today. "I thought they were just another of your loud alternative bands. You should have TOLD me they were from the 80's. I know these songs. I totally would have gone if you'd have tied me up and forced me to listen to this." (ok, so maybe the tie up part is a little poetic license)

  3. I was pretty sure this would all turn out to have been your fault.