Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Wouldn't Call It) Unexpected

oooh, i just found a mr. mister cd stuck in one of my gerry rafferty cd cases. (i've been on a gerry rafferty kick, so sue me) i guess this will be a mr. mister afternoon.

btw, my toronto pickups (only went to two stores really and sonic boom didn't have much that appealed to me):

rupert holmes: widescreen
gerry rafferty: can i have my money back?
meco: the best of meco
the church: a quick smoke at spot's
cock robin: after here through midland
acorn: no ghost

last cheapo pick was pretty good too:
men at work: two hearts (definitely a holy grail cd)
robyn hitchcock: greatest hits (rca era)
the books: the lemon of pink (awesome disc)

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