Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ann Youd Ay

Somewhat of an auspicious day today. I bought my first new vinyl album since probably 1987; Shearwater's The Golden Archipelago. Not necessarily going all vinyl again. Just loved what I heard of it and knew the vinyl came with a couple extra tracks. In fact, I'm kinda disappointed that the album version artwork is so...scant. Nary a sight of the 44 page booklet that comes with the cd. plain old white paper sleeve (where's my lyrics?), not even an interesting insert or interior picture. i was kinda hoping for some inscribed vinyl (ala Styx's Paradise Theatre.) ya ya, i can download lyrics and whatnot (and what's the deal with 256k downloads? c'mon, amp it up to 320 at least), but for the vinyl premium, shouldn't i get something more? maybe i'm expecting too much after 20+ years away, but seems like a kind of a missed opportunity here. leave it to the record companies to eff it up and piss off the consumer (me). At least the album is really good, although i haven't listened to the bonus tracks yet. (Update, i've listened to the bonus tracks; Anak Rekata, Silver Bodies and False Sentinal, nice both nothing essential. But i still listened to TGP twice more today and even read through the lyrics.)

also picked up the new joanna newsom and johnny cash albums. I passed on butch walker after i splurged on a pile of hollies and super furry animals discs. (and weirdly enough, i've picked up copies of the pylon discs, chomp and gyrate on consecutive music runs, at DIFFERENT stores. weird, but cool)

lots of listens lately, i'll list the rest out in the next post, but here's a few:

Married to the Mob OST: Thanks man, been digging Changing Horses and You Don't Miss Your Water. Who knew it was such a gold mine?
Eno/Cale-Wrong Way Up (remaster): Crushing so much on the eno track on MttM that I dug out my Wrong Way Up disc. Dunno how i missed the bonus tracks on this. Maybe because the album itself is so good.
Brian Eno-Another Green World: Wrong Way Up led me back to AGW. I still have St. Elmo's Fire in my head. "In the Blue August Moon, In the Cool August Moon" Awesome.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch OST: And of course, from Eno we go to Glam. Wig in a Box played at Showtunes a few weeks ago, so i just had to listen again. Most of it doesn't hold up as well as I imagined. But some fun songs nonetheless.

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  1. You're welcome!
    (And I forgot all about showtunes. Thanks for that reminder!)