Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spinning Away (In Honor of Monday and Tuesday's rush hours)

Toro Y Moi-Causers of This:
I would not listen to this driving in a car,
I would not listen to this wishing on a star
I would not listen to this drunk in a bar
I would not listen to this neither near nor far
I do not DO NOT like muzak.‏

Amazing Baby-Rewild: I hated these guys when they opened for phoenix at the varsity last spring. Too much posing and rock star antics. (just play damnit, just PLAY!) Much more palatable on record, especially when they (too infrequently) hit the elo meets jellyfish sweet spot of bayonets. Worth a listen, but don't feel like you have to rush right out and pick this disc up.

Magnetic Fields-Realism: Is it just me or is the toy piano getting tiresome? i mean c'mon...even E doesn't use that schtick anymore (and he's 100x more depressing that Mr. Merritt). There are a handful of songs here that are memorable (From a Sinking Boat, You Must Be Out of Your Mind, Always Already Gone), but the fey arrangements almost derail those songs. And when you combine a lackluster song with the second grade band music...well....I was expecting more. Realism is the first real disappointment i've had with a mag fields disc, especially shocking considering it is the followup to the invigorating Distortion. Maybe Coraline got all the good tunes.

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