Tuesday, February 2, 2010

dot dash dot dash

Japandroids-Post Nothing: Great noisy low fi rock aesthetic and some good riffs. Wish they had a little better songs, but something to work on for the next one.

Magnolia Electric Company-Josephine: Jason molina and jay farrar have somehow blurred into the same archetype to me. Lead a great, but done too soon alt.country band. Showed some early promise with the next act, lost their way, disbanded (sorta) the new bands, tried some solo stuff (interesting, if not necessarily a new direction), phoenixed their bands and put out new music but with diminishing and indistinguisable results. At this point, I can't tell whether I'm listening to jay farrar with ben gibbard or jason molina with will johnson, or son volt or magnolia electric company. They all play interchangeable mournful roots 4/4 rock at a slow shuffle in a minor key. Maybe they should all get together and form the son volt electric company. At least if they are merged, we'd have a reduction in forgettable alt.country albums. Which is the long way around to saying you can comfortably pass on Josephine. Unless you are a glutton for this kind of chord torture.

Circulatory System-Signal Morning: Definitely fans of the Abbey Road/John Lennon school of stitched together snippets of music, run through a trance dance grinder. They might be onto something.

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