Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't Worry Baby, He Don't Want What He Don't Need

Not sure why, but i've been compulsively playing the beach boys for days now. The Good Vibrations boxed set, Carl and the Passions-So Tough, and Best of the Brother Years (muchly overlapping with the GV box, but that's ok). Weirdly, I haven't been compelled to pull out Pet Sounds yet. I'm sure this BB fixation has nothing to do with a) being in the middle of winter and b) a series of snowstorms. Sail On Sailor will always be my favorite beach boys tune, with Breakaway and Disney Girls close behind. I was really digging It's Ok too.

Handsome Furs-Face Control: All We Want Baby Is Everything. This just gets better and better with every listen (and it was mighty fine at the start). Did i mention the show at 7th Street Entry last march? Short, Sharp and Sexy.

Midlake-The Courage of Others: I'm trying cos i loved Van Occupanther, but this is just so.....bland, i guess. well produced and some nice instrumentation, but bleh. i didn't expect a repeat of Trials, but still....that had such great songwriting and was so evocative (of what specific medievel theme i never could tell but that didn't matter) that i was eagerly awaiting this one. Alas, it was not to be. On Courage though every song sounds the same, and that song isn't very interesting. disappointingly dull.

Wild Beasts-Two Dancers: Man, i wish i had tickets to this show. that's two good shows, i've missed by fate of negligence.

Lily Allen-It's Not Me, It's You: No, it really is you. And i don't much care whether you get over you or not. (although there's always a song or two the gives me pausedoubt)

Little Boots-Hands: Mostly hit and miss, but the stuttering synths on Remedy are insanely catchy.

Delphic-Acolyte: Ok. Counterpoint is awesome. And I kinda like Doubt, even though that song is kinda of a one trick pony (but a good trick). But that's pretty much it for this disc. Just a lot of generic dancey shapeless songsthat don't go anywhere and take their sweet old time (not) getting there. I had such high hopes for Delphic. Ah well. There will be another great brit hope in a couple months I'm sure.‏

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