Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can I Get a Show of Hands?

Does anybody really care about the grammys?

Grammy comments (questions mostly).

1. how is bon iver best new artist?
2. how can fleet foxes be in the best folk category?
3. why on earth do they have song AND record of the year when it's pretty much the same songs?
4. foo fighters for best album? really? is this a lifetime (blandness) achievement award?
5. weren't mumford and sons popular back in 2009? (and Little Lion Man was a way better record/song/song/record than "The Cave")
6. it's really sad that 21 is the best album nominated in that category. it's not even on my top ten anymore.
7. pop performance for "Firework". the song is catchy, but she's flat even with autotune.
8. if they are looking to get rid of categories, how about best pop duo/group?
9. or best pop vocal album (cats in heat sing better than three of the nominees)
10. did i see some love for cut copy? (hooray!) but how about m83?
11. seth mcfarlane? really? sheesh.
12. coldplay? rock? not so much.
13. seriously, do they decide of 5 "rock" acts and just repeat them in every category. cripes.
14. not a single alternative rock nominee will be in my top 10 (or even top 20) besides, i thought foster the people were pop, how can they be alternative?
15. if R. Kelly gets a nomination, can we expect jerry sanduskey to get a spoken word nomination in 5 years?
16. El Debarge, R. Kelly and Chris Brown. man, their PR people deserve a raise
17. Rap/Sung collaboration? isn't that just rap?
18. Has there ever been such a polarizing figure as Kanye? Love his stuff (but dude...edit a little) but can not stand his public persona.
19. I really don't know rap at all, cos those album nominees look good to me.
20. i have no comment on the country nominations, although taylor swift makes a great britney spears.
21. i've mentioned how my dream ambition is to win a grammy for best liner notes, right (best album notes)
22. there should be a best reissue grammy.
23. ok. too many categories to go through. i'm done for now.


  1. You sure spent a lot of time thinking about this for not caring :) My only comment was "Bon Iver is NOT new". I love me some Foo Fighters/Dave Grohl but that is not the best album of the year. The only thing I'm excited about is the country songwriting category for my friend* Dave Barnes!
    *by friend I mean in my head, we are friends

  2. I ignored them as much as possible, so most of my this-year Grammy news is from this post. But, speaking as a person who thinks last year's West CD is the best of the last couple years, it's weird that it's the ONLY one of his CDs not nominated for album of the year. I can answer one question, though: song of the year goes to the songwriter, record goes to the artist/producer.