Thursday, December 29, 2011

To Be a Remainder

Death Cab for Cutie
First Avenue
May 22, 2011

I really hate that "will call" arm band shit. what am i supposed to put on my wall? and it's much easier just to sell a ticket if you have a hard copy instead of having to meet some person in the line at the depot so you can get your armbands together (hell....i felt like a part of Roma di Luna for a couple months) to say nothing of the problems presented if you can't go to the show and just want to flip both tix. (funny how nobody is a capitalist, but i've never seen such selfish socialists)

but i digress.

DCFC was awesome from the get go and i was mesmerized the entire show (ok, ben gibbard's long sweaty hair was awful and i can see why Zooey left him because he wouldn't get it cut...but otherwise) Place was packed, but we had the wall so things could not have been more perfect. Openers were ok (but i do need to stop buying cds by the opening act....i think i picked that up from Shawn)

They had me from the first bass lines of "I Will Possess Your Heart" and did i mention the super handsome bass player? no? the bass player is really hot, and he walked by the line whilst we were waiting to get in the doors, which is sorta cool and nobody freaked too much when he passed by) but this show rolled all the way through. I'm not 100% deep into them, but they played a setlist comprised of 75% of the songs i know and love (and most of the ones i didn't know were from the Codes and Keys disc, which was just about to come out) but even the older and newest titles held me rapt. Highlights obviously were "Long Division", Soul Meets Body" and "Crooked Teeth" but that's just picking teeth. Everything was great. Tortillamask put a pile of the show up on YouTube. check it out and get a feel for the show. (

Set list below.

I Will Possess Your Heart / The New Year / Why You'd Want to Live Here / A Movie Script Ending / Some Boys / Doors Unlocked and Open / Photobooth / Long Division / Grapevine Fires / Codes and Keys / What Sarah Said / I Will Follow You into the Dark / You Are a Tourist / Underneath The Sycamore / Meet Me on the Equinox / Company Calls / Soul Meets Body / Cath... / Crooked Teeth / The Sound of Settling ENCORE: Home Is a Fire / Title and Registration / Transatlanticism

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