Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sometimes, We Are All We Got

I really wasn't planning on going shopping today. Really. Just had to correct a purchase error (lack of purchase error more precisely) from yesterday and then i was done. but there it was, sitting all proud and pretty on the shelf above thursday. Poco's "The Blue and Gray" (one way records) for 6.95. i'd long since given up on this and just decided to pick up the under the gun/the blue and gray twofer import when it got down to a reasonable price (like 6.95). but instead....delightful.

and some other fun stuff:

my own copy of andy summers/robert fripp bewitched
the might lemon drops-happy head (with a pile of bonus tracks)
jefferson starship-winds of change
michael murphy-blue sky night thunder (i know, it's not worth anything, but i used to love this album and i'm quite curious to hear it again)
missing person-Greatest
men without hats-collection

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