Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Year in Van

ok. so i couldn't figure out how many cds van has sold over his career vs how many al stewart has sold. although al stewart probably had more top forty hits (at least 2 top tens). not that that means anything.

i tallied up my van work. in the time i've been doing this, i've bought and flipped 74 van albums*. only once did i not turn a profit, and that was because the cd got lost in the mail. foolish me for not doing delivery confirmation (and it was a remastered poetics, so even more fool me). My biggest profit was $38 and 45 of the sales made a $10 or more profit (10 of the sales were for a profit of more than $20). i won't blather on about titles, i can email you the list if you are interested, in case you want to cash in (doesn't bother me). At this point, there are basically 5 left that are reliably out of print. Why i keep finding them, i don't really know. i rarely sit on them for any amount of time before they flip. my cost on those 74 sales was 617.55. profit to me was 926.10. so i more than doubled my money. not bad.

For 2011 along, i had 23 van sales. cost to me was 182.02 and profit was 380.26. only 6 of the sales were for more than $20 profit, which is a bit of a surprise. i would have thought van was a bigger chunk of my overall profit. the standard 5 titles, either in polydor or mercury, with the exception of saint, which is ONLY polydor (period is also good, but i've only seen that once).

*This count is not including them cds, which adds eight more to the count, all the "them featuring van morrison" disc and all making me between $8 and $10 profit.

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